16 Nov 2008

Another canvas

As I had a spear canvas I thaught Of this its decoupage and peel off`s

13 Nov 2008

Lots to do challenge week 35 Envalope art

This is the frount of the envalope and the one below is the back sorry it looks a bit dirty I think my scanner needs a clean

9 Nov 2008

Lotstodo challenge week34

This week the challenge is Rememberance day on the back of this CD it sayes Lest we forget

1 Nov 2008

I made this anniversary card

I made this Golden wedding anniversary card for my brother in law and sister in law I hope they like it

Lotstodo challenge week 33

Black & white I decoupaged this Jazz girl

25 Oct 2008

Lots to do Challenge week 32

Nature I have cut and decoupaged this Duflex picture ans used an old CD backed with paper and placed the decoupage on top

18 Oct 2008

Lots to do challenge week 31Stone

ON this canvas I painted the background and added a wall and arch useing both the colour stone as well as painting the stone arch and wall then I added a oriental lady in the for ground

3 Oct 2008

Lotstodo challenge week 29

This week its no stamps so I used gold card and plased my image on top leaving a boader round the edge

30 Sep 2008


some decoupage skinnies


This is a congratulations card to my great great Niece on having a baby girl it has 3 pages all decoupaged with fairies and teddys

28 Sep 2008

Lotstodo challenge week 28

This week challenge is vintage I inked up the back grounds and then stamped the images and embossed the top fat page but I just stamped the second page

14 Sep 2008

Lots to do challenge week 26

The background of both Itemsare done with alcoholl inks then numbers added

6 Sep 2008

Lots to do challenge week 25

I used a page from the bookatrix covered it with striped paper used a stamp for the picture then I added the flower using a brad I also put ribbon round the spine and added 2buttons all the elements I used were in the recipe which I was given

31 Aug 2008

Week 24 Lots to docraft your name

For this challengeI coverd a CD on both sides then I addes my name and some things About me

23 Aug 2008

20 Aug 2008

canvas swap lots to do

I hand painted the background with gold acrilic paint then when dry I painted the blossum tree
then I added the decoupage

17 Aug 2008

Lotstdo Challenge week 22

I used a beer nat some bottle tops and some old wool and I also distressed the background

14 Aug 2008

a lotstodo swap

3 fat pages and 3 1x1 co-ordinating the backgrounds are done useing the shaving foam technique

This is a crafting corner swap

This is an Elegant swap the oriental image is a paper doll that you can dress on the reverse of the cd you will see the kimono`s she can be dressed with

12 Aug 2008

My first try at the shaving foam technique

These are my first try with shaving foam I think I went a bit mad with the inks but I like the effects
Some more backgroungs useing shaving foam and alcohol inks

9 Aug 2008

Lotstodo Challenge week 21

For this card I have used a red vellum jacket and decoupaged thease oriental dancers

4 Aug 2008

1 Aug 2008

Tags for crafting corner swap

The tags can only consist of 2 colours and I chose red and gold and red and white

A lotstodo swap

I made this wall hanging for Joanne I uaed vintage backgrounds and images mixed with melt pot Items I have made

Lots to do Humer swap

The skinnies below are for Goldylocks Humer swap

Lots to do Flower/garden swap

I have used decoupage for all three of thease ATC

28 Jul 2008

My first paper doll

As you can see I love anything oriental, so this is how I decided to dress my Dolly.
The Dolly came from Paper Paradise, lately some of the girls on the Lots To Do forum have purchased lots of stamps from them via our lovely friend Sam. As a lovely thank you for being such good customers, Paper Paradise supplied us with a few 'Dolly' Sets and we decided to all do this challenge and let you know where you can get the sets as a Thank You to all at Paper Paradise, who can be found at : http://www.paperparadise.co.uk/

949 on lots to do Pin Ups

My 949 for goldylocks swap

Lotstodo Challenge blog

Lotstodo Challenge blog
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