19 Jan 2011

Lotstodo Revisited Grunge book swap

Thease 10 pages are for a grunge book swap each one has a differant subject

18 Jan 2011

Yet More FP

thease are the bits I have been making with Friendley Plastic

16 Jan 2011

More FP bits

The top piece is a pendant  but it needs its fixings and the one below is
 a broach I made to pin my shawl  on when going out

My first try with Friendley Plastic

The funny shaped piece I made a broach out of it
The flat piece I made into a pendant and I made a bracelet out of some triangles I rolled

15 Jan 2011

Lotstodo Challenge piece

My brayerd piece I used pearl card and brayerd the
 back ground then added the treesand added a bit of glitter glue  

9 Jan 2011

Brayerd Birthday card

I made this card after watching Barbara on C&C
I brayerd the background then usea the clouded moon and  tree stamps

8 Jan 2011

Lotstodo Challenge this week winter garden

I could not make my mind up which card to use so I did
both as I love snow dropsand crocus plants

Lotstodo Challenge blog

Lotstodo Challenge blog
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