23 Nov 2009

This weeks challenge piece

I made this card for my god son who loves Queen I used 2 pieces of A4 card to make the main card itsself cutting a small piece off the edge of the top layer card then I used distressed inks in spiced marmalade and frayed burlap to create the shading on the card then I added my toppers
the shading dose not show up very well on the scsn picture

20 Nov 2009

This swap on lotstodo is body parts

I stamped eyes ,lips and back and added a flurish of elowers to finish them off

Lotstodo swap Autumnal arches

I used alcohol inks on ptintabul acetate for the backgrounds then added skelitan leaves to finish them off

Alotstodo swap 4x4

I used black based spritsers on a blue card to get the background of all thease4x4 s then added a topper

24 Oct 2009

this is the other half of the Eygiption book

A book with pictures fron Eygpt

the cover is the picture with the letterd on the frount

This weeks Lotstodo challenge piece

for this piece I uaed a 4x4 piece of card I added then i painted it with acrilic paintthen I put a piece of tin foil into my cuttle bug to make a background I stuk that to my cardithen stamped a flower and lastley I poped some more tin foil doubled to emboss another background and I made the flower by cutting out the parts I needed and placed them together and poped them all onto my card and background and added boaders

18 Oct 2009

Birthday card This weeks challenge piece

for this card I embossed the open patten then cut the centers out and went round with peel offs then I added a piece of glitter paper to the back I then embossed the diamond and cut the center piece out and again I backed with the glitter paper then I cut the diamond a bit smaller and glued it on the top and added the greeting

13 Oct 2009

11 Oct 2009

8 Oct 2009

this is the card that goes with the family book

I cant show the inside of this card as my scanner is to small and I cant find the camerabut it is all lined ant has the same colouring inside

A family book I have made for my cousins

I made this family book for my cousins who live in sunderland they collect all my cards that I send at xmas and put them out each year So I try to do somthing differant each year so this is a little extra along with a extra special card I have made

The frount page of my board book

I have had to re enter my board book as I had missed a page out and as I thaught it was important I desided to add it sorry to all who left me comments before I hope you can call back and leave them again

lotstodo swaboard book

Lotstodo Challenge blog

Lotstodo Challenge blog
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