20 Jan 2009

My Lotsto do challengr piece no 3

The challengs was keys
I coverd my canvas with distressed inks and added some glimmer mist the grung board hart was done with distressed inks and red glimer miststhe lock ad keys are also grung board

12 Jan 2009

Lots to do Techniques

New Flower I used my Cuttlebugto emboss the flower and the background then I inked the newspaperthen cut the pettles and added a sticker abd a brad

6 Jan 2009

I used shimmering mists to do the background and tisur paper to stamp on to then I transfured it to the canvas useing PVA glue

A swap for lots to do

My challenge was to use something wooden It must contain something blue and contain an image
so I used tisue paper to print my images and transfured them to my wooden spoon bowl back and frount useing pva glue i then added glitter and used a gold leaf pen round the edge and lastley I glued the ribbon round the handel and added some beads

A lotstodo swap Men

Lotstodo Challenge blog

Lotstodo Challenge blog
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