17 Apr 2010

Lots to do challenge pieces

The first piece I did the background with alcohol inks on acetate then I stamped my image on another piece of acetatethen i put them together

The dolfin I printed onto acetate and then added the alcohol inks to make the sea foam and the sea


crafty creations said...

Stunning pieces of artwork Alison - top one is my favourite

Thanks for sharing with the Lotstodo Challenge xx Hilda

sam21ski said...

Fab backgrounds Alison xxx

Jaqi said...

Wow these are stunning, I love the dolphin one, oddly enought I coloured some atc backgrounds a few nights ago and one was very like the sea, I did think it would make a nice sea themed piece, I might have a go now after seeing this, Cheers

Zoechaos said...

WOW Alison these are stunning, the dolphin curving back into the water fabulous. The mystery of the organge one wonderful.

Neet said...

Alison, I like them both but the Dolphin one - what an amazing background - makes me feel like the sea is being splashed about.

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